Owners of Ramona Cafe

Welcome To Ramona Cafe!

As anyone in our community knows, Dalia Nogueda has been an integral part of Ramona Cafe for nearly 27 years, having worked her way up from busser to general manager. On February 1st 2024, she officially became the owner of the beloved cafe, known for its signature dishes like cinnamon rolls and chicken fried steak.

Nogueda expresses her commitment to maintaining the cafe's traditional charm and values, emphasizing that it's not just a job but a part of her family. The transition in ownership marks the second change within a year, following Sonja Steiner's 36-year ownership, who sold the establishment in May 2023 to Unal Samanci. Samanci, after a brief ownership stint, offered Nogueda the opportunity to purchase the restaurant, believing in her ability to preserve its essence.

Nogueda's ownership signifies a commitment to the cafe's legacy and its beloved staff, ensuring that Ramona Cafe remains a cherished institution within the community, guided by its enduring values and culinary offerings