Prepping For Pennies Review

Prepping for Pennies is an eBook written by Dave Steen, a 55 year old veteran who has survived hurricane Katrina. It was created by Dave out of his 30 years of experience. Having survived several natural disasters including hurricane Katrina and Sandy, he was able to learn survival strategies and put them together in this program to enable people passing through hard times or facing hash conditions arising from natural disaster to survive the condition regardless of their budget. Besides this program, this author has also written and published several articles online in which he shares his experience and provides survival tips to his readers.

One of the reasons that prompted Dave into creating this program is his lack of trust in the government. He thinks that the government will not be of help to people who have been hit by hurricanes and natural disasters. He believes that the governments have no large heart to help them. Given this, the only option for them is to survive on their own.

In this book the author provides tips and guidelines that people can apply in order to survive when they are hit by unforeseen circumstance and exigences of life such as hurricane, earthquakes and other natural disasters. In this book, he provides details on how to make use of simple and cheap tools in providing water, shelter and food for oneself and the members of their families during hard times. He shares tip on how to cut down cost and spend less on basic needs and still survive.

In this book he touches various hardships and difficult situations such as home intrusion, warfare, natural disaster, twisters, economic hard times and others that you can face and how you will survive them. He provides tips to his readers on how they will handle their finance effectively well in order to survive financial difficulty.

The book is written in simple and easy-to-understand language so that people will understand it easily. The 223 paged eBook deals with a lot of issues which are treated under various sections which include Making your own survival Equipment, Schappeller Power Ganerator, Bug Out Planning Guide and Instructional Videos.


Easy to understand: Prepping for Pennies reviews the strategies in simple and straightforward language so that the readers will under the guidelines regardless of their academic background.

Born out of personal experience: The author of this eBook has survived difficult moments and several hurricanes. Thus, the guidelines he shares in his book are born out of practical experience and not out of information obtained from books. The tips given there will definitely work for you.

It is comprehensive: The eBook covers different kinds of disasters and provides information on how one can manage ones life in these conditions in order to survive.

It comes with a video: The eBook comes with a video for visual presentation of the points contained therein.


The applications requires much time: You will require much time to learn the tips provided in the eBook. Besides, gathering and building of tools mentioned in the book is also time-consuming.

It is a money saver: It provides workable tips on how to cut cost.


This product really provides tips for surviving difficult moments. The information contained in the eBook is reliable because it is obtained out of practical experience. If you are able to apply them as instructed in the book, you will be able to survive difficult moments including hard financial situation without relying on the help of any person including the government. The 223 paged eBook also has a video for more clarity and easy understanding of the points highlighted in it.

What You Need to Know Before Buying Welding Helmets

best welding helmetsIf you are a welder, you should have the best welding helmet in order to protect your eyes from damage. Besides, wearing this helmet as you are welding will improve your welding ability because it increases comfort and safety. This will result in higher quality welds. Unfortunately, if you have not bought a helmet before, it may not be easy for you to select a good one. Here are some points that you should take into consideration before buying one.

Choosing a suitable lens

The first thing that you should know before buying is that its lens is available in two types, the standard glass lens and the auto darkening lens. The former has a viewing lens that is made of dark tinted glass. It is cheaper than the auto darkening filter. The latter is a modernized type that works electronically. It is created with a similar technology used in creating a digital alarm clock for its display of numbers. Each option has its pros and cons. If you are on budget, you may consider buying the standard glass filter but if you have a large budget, the auto darkening type should be a nice option as it comes with improved features.

Solar power or battery life

Another thing that you should know before you buy an auto darkening helmet is that there are two sources of power for it, solar power and battery. It is more economical to buy a type that is solar-powered. However, the problem with this type of helmet is that you have to charge it under direct sunlight before using it. This will become a problem to any person that will like to weld immediately. Battery powered types on the other hand may be somewhat more expensive to use as you have to replace the battery occasionally. But the advantage is you can use it anytime you like. There is no need to waste time charging it. There are some that come with rechargeable lithium battery and some that are powered with AAA battery. The former delivers longer battery runtime while the latter offers more flexibility.

However, there are welding helmets that are powered with solar and replaceable battery. They combine the feature of solar and battery and thus should be a better investment.

Weight of the helmet

Auto darkening welding masks are available in different weights. You should always consider the weight of the welding helmet before you buy. You should go for a lighter helmet because it provides more comfort and reduces fatigue and strain on the neck. If you are working throughout the day, you may find it difficult wearing a heavy helmet.

Choose a type with National Safety Standards

Another factor that you should consider when you are shopping for a welding hood is the standard under which it is produced. ANSI Z87.1-2003 is the most recent safety standard. It requires the manufacturers to validate the specifications they advertised such as darkness shade settings, switching speeds through independent laboratory tests. The tests are not just rigorous but they require a helmet and its lens to offer maximum protection against ultraviolet and infrared filtering and flying objects. They also require helmet to satisfy advertised darkness shades as well as switching speeds in extreme temperatures. According to the standard the lens of auto darkening welding helmets should operate at both high and low temperature in order to ensure consistent protection. Note that these requirements of the standard are not met by all welding helmets in the market. So, always look for those that meet it.